• Returning Home – How have we changed

    The last post I wrote I discussed the differences between living at home and living in the van. This post will discuss how our journey has changed us. People go traveling to 'find themselves', some

  • Returning home – Home vs Van

    So we have been home for two weeks now. When trying to decide whether the trip was a good idea I also wanted lots of information on how families adjusted when they returned home. This was my major

  • Campervan budget – How much did the Netherlands cost?

    We were in The Netherlands for 20 days, we travelled just 378 miles. We had one week at a housesit which provided us with a great platform to use public transport to visit several tourist sites

  • Thoughts on The Netherlands

    We enjoyed our time in the Netherlands. We were there for 20 days and loved the wildlife and the relaxed attitude. Below are some of our thought, as always these thoughts are only our views and are

  • How much did Germany cost?

    We were in Germany for 37 days. We covered 950 miles. We suffered from serious mechanical issues - I've carried out two daily budgets as the bill we had really skewed the costs and I hope that this

  • Thoughts on Germany

    We spent 37 days in Germany during February and April. We spent two weeks in a housesit in Wiesbaden, suffered with extreme mechanical issues (and a resulting €1190 bill), followed the fairytale

  • A day in the life of van life

    5.00 a child climbs out of bed with a thunk, turns the light on and goes to the loo before clambering back in to bed 6.30 wake up, check time, decide to sleep for another half hour 7.15 wake up, go

  • Relationships: the children

    Disclaimer: both children have read this post and they are happy for me to make it public. They reviewed the information and my youngest asked me to make one change, which I did. This post focuses

  • Loves

    I wrote a post a while ago about annoyances. Some friends pointed out that just because we were travelling and in a different country did not mean that my husband or family were different! There are,

  • How much did Greece cost?

    We were in Greece for 11 days - we would have loved to have stayed longer - we really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the warm, sunny weather (seriously lacking on some parts of our journey so