Category: Van Life

  • Returning Home – How have we changed

    The last post I wrote I discussed the differences between living at home and living in the van. This post will discuss how our journey has changed us. People go traveling to 'find themselves', some

  • A day in the life of van life

    5.00 a child climbs out of bed with a thunk, turns the light on and goes to the loo before clambering back in to bed 6.30 wake up, check time, decide to sleep for another half hour 7.15 wake up, go

  • Travel essentials when travelling in a campervan for 6 months

    We had to live a minimalist lifestyle for six months whilst in our van. I like to live like this. It was a challenge as we had to pack clothing that would be suitable to span several countries over

  • Annoyances

    Four of us in a six metre by two metre space...there's bound to be friction and things that we miss. As we hit the three month mark of our trip I've created a list of some of the things that bug me

  • Children and Stuff

    It was tricky packing up for six months. The essentials were relatively easy - the van was pretty sorted as we'd been away in it several weekends - but the non-essentials, the 'nice to have'

  • Notes on Portugal

    We have now left Portugal, and will cross back into Spain and France on our way to Italy. Not sure heading north in winter is the best idea - it's already chilly. We were in Portugal for 13 days

  • Reflection – it’s not what I expected

    What did I expect? That it may "leave me speechless and make me a storyteller"? I don’t feel like I've found myself and not sure I will with a family in tow. It's a month since we left to start

  • Top tips from the first two weeks

    So we have now passed the 20th day in our van. We've previously only spent 14 days in the van so it feels like a milestone. What have we learnt? What did we forget from previous trips? I've made a

  • Aires

    I've mentioned Aires quite regularly both on this blog and on Facebook. I talk about them assuming that everyone knows what they are. It surprises me when people ask I it's a typo...although this

  • Eurotunnel

    We decided to cross to Europe using the Eurotunnel. I think it deserves a blog post as I found it so exciting! The main reason the train was chosen was because I get bad sea sick and the last