Category: Self-build

  • LPG refillable bottle

    Our normal gas set up - for cooking and fridge - was 2 calor gas bottles. We had one 7kg plugged into the system and when that ran out we'd plug in the spare. Swopped the empty one for a full one and

  • DVLA re-registration

    So the campervan is coming on. I am looking to change the classification from minibus with 17 seats (yes, it has never been changed!) to motor caravan with the DVLA. There is LOADS of advice. I have

  • Electrics and Water

    Lots of wires - on the back of the control panel I do not understand this aspect of the build - if you have any questions I will ask are some photos! The control panel and a light

  • Toilet

    This weekend (bank holiday weekend) we have come on leaps and bounds with the build. The toilet has gone in (another eBay deal). Hubby has built the walls and added a hinged door (not yet with a

  • Flooring and sofabed

    We managed to get a great deal on some Alto vinyl flooring from eBay (end of roll). We had to take the kid's travel seats felt slightly like a backward step, but the flooring looks

  • More panelling, a visit from my Dad and ceiling lights

    Dad came over from Spain to help with the van. He certainly gave hubby lots of moral support. Hubby has been busy doing lots of panelling and working out how the window sills will fit in (he

  • Bunks and Rear travel seats

    We found some cheap ex-minibus seats with built in seatbelts. These will be the seats for the children to travel in the back. We welded some plates on to the floor of the van so that the

  • The window saga

    It has been a while...I got a bit disheartened writing this blog as we had so many issues. I shall try to arrange the photos in date order - but the time span may be a bit off! We had leaking

  • Weekend 6

    So, we got the creeping crack cure. Hubby applied has not worked. I think our seals are too badly damaged and leaky. This is really disappointing (although I am glad that we have found out

  • Weekend 5

    Hubby cut the plyboard to cover the roof. He found this more difficult than doing the floor. The cuts are trickier (i.e. around the sliding door mechanism) and the van narrows slightly towards the