We are hoping have to save before our trip. We are de-cluttering (which is essential for life in a campervan). “Everything must go” is the ethos I am currently going with. Minimalist living before we set off! And raising funds for the trip. From reading lots of various blogs and using our life now, we are expecting to need about £1000 per month to live. I am guessing in reality we will spend more than this (sightseeing, mechanical repairs) so planning to take as much money as possible.

So far old computer games have gone, old electronics (laptop, old ipods), unused kitchen appliances, kid’s toys. There is plenty that still needs to go (lots of books!). One of our cars is going to be sold (the other one is worth nothing and therefore worth keeping!).

And I also want to buy lots of tech to take on our trip to help us stay connected, help the kids with their education and ensure that we can keep a record of our adventure.

Oh yeah, and actually buy the home on wheels! The prices are HUGE for the age of the vehicles – we are really early on in this experience and only have a vague idea of what we want. I am looking forward to becoming an expert on chemical toilets!

I’ll keep you updated on how the sale is going and hope to give you our “travelling money” amount when we finally leave.

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