Who are we? We are a family of four who love to go on adventures…some of us are more reluctant than others!

How did we start? We bought a van in January 2015 and converted it to a motorhome. Hubby (George) did most of the conversion work and I (Becky) did all of the research and purchasing!

Where did we go? We spent two years having short breaks around the UK and France. We loved our van.

What next? My best friend died aged 33. I had been putting off my dreams of travelling whilst the kids (Eve, 10 and Sophia, 8). Suddenly my kids didn’t seem like they would be little for much longer and life seemed too short not to ditch our jobs and take 6 months to travel around Europe.

What do we do? I am super into research – I love finding a deal and budgeting. I have tracked how much our six month journey around Europe cost and will keep updating as our travels increase. We have just spent 17 days in France and are heading to Australia for six weeks over Christmas.

If you want to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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