I cannot quite believe that my eldest child (aged 10) has been gone from our household for over 3 weeks.

She’s started swimming lessons whilst in France

It is strange, we have developed a new routine, a new way of life, with only one child instead of two.

I have noticed, life is easier with one child at home – I am sure if you only ever had one child then it wouldn’t seem easier…but reducing from two children to one child I definitely notice it is easier! There’s only one child to convince that vegetables are a good thing to eat, there’s only one child to bribe to go to the supermarket, there’s only one child to pay for entry, there’s only one child to please.

Exhausted after a bounce session at FlipOut

On the flip side – there’s only one child…there’s only one child with no other child to play with, there’s only one child who gets bored doing adult activities, there’s only one child who wants to splash and dive in the pool and is not interested in swimming lengths (my preferred swimming activity!).

My youngest has adapted surprisingly well to being an only child. She has developed interests of her own and is much better at filling her spare time without relying on ideas (from me, or her sister). She is such good company and now she has no choice but to talk with me (mwahhaha).

Stating a YouTube channel

And the eldest? Well, we Skype when she wants (2 or 3 times a week…I’d prefer everyday but life gets busy I guess…I try not to be too hurt that she doesn’t want to talk to me everyday *sob*). Last night we talked and she spoke some french (a whole sentence) with an amazing (to my ears) accent. This is the first time that she has really shared her progress with her language acquisition. She also said she is tired and fed up that no one , or not many people, speak English (well, it is France!). I think she just wants to chat with friends and not have to sign or come up with imaginative actions to get her thoughts across. She’s looking forward to coming home, but she is not sad.

She is loving having a baby to play with, she loving that my friend will undertake any activity that Eve wants to do, she is loving not being nagged, she’s loving spending her money on things that she wants without any censorship from me (gifts tend to be for birthdays and Christmas). My thoughts now turn to how we are all going to readjust to being a family of 4 again! I cannot wait! I miss my biggest baby.