Today Sophia told me she really missed Eve.

This made me stop what I was doing and look at her, I asked “Really?”

“Yes.”, she answered.

I said “Why don’t you speak with her when she Skypes?”. Sophia’s usual behaviour during an Eve Skype call is to glance over my shoulder, mumble hi and walk away.

Sophia said “I want her to be here in person not on Skype.”.

Sophia and Eve having a chat via Skype

I do wonder what this will do to this relationship. They have been so close, firstly living in a very small van together for six months. We rarely met other families so they tended to play with each other (and loved it despite what they may say!). Since our return we have been homeschooling- we live in a small village and the kids have been popping over to see friends but, mainly, they’ve had each other for company. There’s been bickering, but they play so well and you’ll often find them snuggled together in a corner reading or leaning with heads touching absorbed in some task. Will they lose some of this closeness with this separation?

“Why does mum make us stand together like this?” “I don’t know, but at least I have you by my side”

So now we’re facing six weeks without Eve. Long car drives with no one to play with in the back. Watching kid’s TV with no one willing to discuss the finer points of the plot. No one to talk to about horrible and unfair parents are. No one to get into gigles about strange and weird things (or about bottoms). It’s hard when you are used to having someone there to share it all with.

Eve is too busy go-carting to miss us

Eve, on the other hand, does not seem to be missing us at all (although if she catches a glimpse of Sophia she will call out to her and say hi). She is busy settling in and and I am so proud of her. My friends are doing a great job helping her to adjust and I am so grateful of the effort they have put in. I would like her to miss us a bit though….parenting is complicated! I want her to be happy but I also want her to be sad 😂

Eve has plenty to keep her occupied

One week down – five weeks to go.