The last post I wrote I discussed the differences between living at home and living in the van. This post will discuss how our journey has changed us.

People go traveling to ‘find themselves’, some people go traveling to escape something (whilst we are away people were surprised we came from Devon as it’s nice!). Why did we go traveling?

Well as I mentioned it this post my best friend became ill and died. I had dreamed of traveling with the kids and it dawned on me that life is short and that the kids won’t stay kids forever. Hubby was not so keen and definitely took a lot of convincing! But we did it!

So, what have we noticed about ourselves and the community that we have returned to? I’ve made a list (got to live a list!)

  • People keep asking what next…and I’m struggling to answer! We’re planning less – more going with the flow and adjusting as we go. This is not to say we don’t have ideas, there’s just nothing set in stone
  • People keep asking if were glad that we’re home (I don’t remember my friends who traveled in their twenties being asked this one!)
  • We are more open to doing things differently – less happy to do as everyone else does because it’s just the way it’s done
  • More ready to grab an opportunity and go for it rather than hesitate and let it go past
  • I am sick of rules and being told what to do – I am get really annoyed about even minor rules…perhaps this is more a sign of me getting older!

There have been plenty of positive things about coming home – it’s tiring constantly making decisions about where to stay, what route to take – being in our bricks and mortar home means we don’t have to make these decisions daily. We’ve a great group of friends and supportive family – they were missed whilst we traveled.

I know it sounds cliche, but we’ve all grown as individuals. The girls are more confident , hubby is more focused and I’m more sure of making my own decisions and not being swayed by societal views (but not so much so that I’m immovable!). I am so glad we took the trip and I don’t regret it in the slightest. What next? Who knows but I feel the future is bright!