We were in The Netherlands for 20 days, we travelled just 378 miles. We had one week at a housesit which provided us with a great platform to use public transport to visit several tourist sites including Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaanse Schans and the beach at Bloemendaal.

We splurged and visited Efteling theme park (we actually had a hotel room to stay in!). We ate out in the park too but I’m pretty sure we ate €300 worth of breakfast at the buffet!

The breakdown of our campervan budget is detailed below;

Fuel €50

Food €238.53

Food out €108.45

Aires €58.50

Showers €5

LPG €8.80

Public transport €55.40

Toilet €1.40

Souvenirs €2

Parking €12.75

Efteling €314.26

Grand total €855.09

Which breakdown as €42.75 per day for a family of four. If you exclude our luxury of Efteling (and the park food) we spent just €24.38 per day.

We didn’t find The Netherlands particularly cheap – fuel and food prices were more than Germany but the small distances travelled saved us!