We enjoyed our time in the Netherlands. We were there for 20 days and loved the wildlife and the relaxed attitude. Below are some of our thought, as always these thoughts are only our views and are limited due to time constraints.

  • They love a dyke
  • The wildlife in the wetlands along the dykes is amazing, we saw a huge variety in our walks

  • They love a long barge – these travel along the dykes
  • They’re partial to windmills too

  • Difficult to recycle metal and plastic. Glass and cardboard bins available infrequently. I assume this is because they have household collections and therefore do not need many additional bins
  • Bikes are life – taking precedence over cars or pedestrians. This makes it interesting to drive as you try to remember that bikes have priority even when crossing in front of you at roundabouts

  • The people are very friendly and their English speaking levels are generally quite high – everyone we spoke to was fantastic

We enjoyed our time and would definitely go back. I did find driving difficult/tiring. I can’t really put my finger on why but I think I found the road markings made driving slightly confusing!