We were in Germany for 37 days. We covered 950 miles. We suffered from serious mechanical issues – I’ve carried out two daily budgets as the bill we had really skewed the costs and I hope that this sort of bill would not be expected for most people!

We had a two week housesit in Wiesbaden, did lots of sightseeing including the chocolate museum in Hamburg, ate plenty of ice cream and paid for Aires. We chose to go to paying Aires due to the fact that there were not as many choices of free aire and because they were easy. You can turn up and the Aires have all the services, adequate spaces parking, sometimes picnic benches and near to towns. After 5 months in the road it feels like hard work to choose where to stay – these paid Aires were definitely an easier option.

So, the breakdown of the costs;

Fuel €208.03

LPG €4.79

Food €566

Food out (ice creams mainly!) €15

Aires €80

Showers €3

Water €2.90

Electric €0.50

Washing machine €4

Public transport €20.80

Sightseeing €109

Eldest child’s ear piercing €41.58

Craft €9.97

Mechanic costs €1230 (!! Argh!!)

Grand total €2295.57 which works out as €62 per day for a family of four – above our aimed for budget of €54 per day.

If you exclude the obscene (but necessary) mechanical costs then we spent just €28.79 per day.

This was surprising for a western country. We found food and diesel really cheap. Diesel prices were similar to those we paid in Spain. It helped that we didn’t travel very many miles – we only filled up three times!