We were in Greece for 11 days – we would have loved to have stayed longer – we really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the warm, sunny weather (seriously lacking on some parts of our journey so far!). We covered 695 miles, travelling from Patras to the border with Bulgaria. We mainly wild camped and found some lovely spots by the sea, we did a bit of sightseeing at Delphi and Vergina Royal Tombs but skipped Athens. Our van issues continue and we had to pay for some works and we also bought ourselves sandals as the weather was actually warm! So, how much did it cost?

Food  $134.65

Food out – in an actual real-life restaurant! €40

Fuel €147

LPG €6

Sightseeing €26

Tolls €18.80 (we tried to avoid toll roads as the tolls are expensive…Google maps was pretty insist and would direct us on to toll roads despite our settings stating otherwise – we did not find this problem with Apple maps)

Aire €10

Washing clothes €5

Clothing €5

Van repairs €40

The grand total? €477.45 which works out as €43.40 per day for a family of four. It is such a relief to be back under our target budget of €54 per day! We shopped mainly in Lidl and actually found groceries quite expensive – perhaps more local supermarkets would be cheaper but we weren’t really there long enough to find out. LPG was wildly available but we have heard that they mix the gases (cannot confirm this) and that this can cause some issues with systems (the couple we spoke to were experiencing difficulties with their heating system and the mechanic blamed the gas).

We really enjoyed Greece. We found the locals really friendly and helpful and welcoming. We had lovely weather and it felt like we were actually on holiday here. We are planning on returning and visiting Athens with dreams of island hopping and more exploration.