Four of us in a six metre by two metre space…there’s bound to be friction and things that we miss. As we hit the three month mark of our trip I’ve created a list of some of the things that bug me about van life (and my family).

  • It annoys me that my seven year old is always complaining her pants don’t fit
  • It annoys me that my husband sneezes so loudly he can wake people in neighbouring campers
  • It annoys me having to build and take down my bed everyday
  • It annoys me that we don’t have a toaster
  • It annoys me that I get cross about mess or dirty clothes but with limited clothes and washing facilities it’s hard not to be frustrated
  • It annoys me having to shop every couple of days (sometimes we last until day 4) because we don’t have a large fridge or freezer to bulk buy and store
  • It annoys me that I am just constantly picking up or tripping over shoes
  • It annoys me when someone continues to hum tunelessly despite being asked several times to stop
  • It annoys me that the floor is always covered in sand or grit…where does it come from?
  • It annoys me when sat nav can’t decide which pigging direction we actually need to go in
  • It annoys me that at home the children won’t pick their toys off the floor but they will spend hours cleaning a forest floor of pine cones
  • It annoys me that only one ‘job’ can be done in the van at a time. There’s no room to cook AND wash up or sweep AND tidy away. Every job is a one person job
  • It annoys me that it’s so much hard work to find a shower we can use
  • It annoys me that we have nowhere to dry wet or damp clothes
  • It annoys me that I am still the only one who changes the empty toilet roll

When life is annoying in a van there is no escape!