Month: March 2018

  • How much did Greece cost?

    We were in Greece for 11 days - we would have loved to have stayed longer - we really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the warm, sunny weather (seriously lacking on some parts of our journey so

  • Travel essentials when travelling in a campervan for 6 months

    We had to live a minimalist lifestyle for six months whilst in our van. I like to live like this. It was a challenge as we had to pack clothing that would be suitable to span several countries over

  • Thoughts on Greece

    We were in Greece - country number seven on this trip - for 11 days. We travelled from Italy by ferry and worked our way north through Greece from Patras ferry port. We skipped Athens due to

  • How much did Italy cost?

    We spent 29 days in Italy and covered 1,431 miles. We undertook our highest number of tourist sightseeing activities so far. We had to buy a leisure battery and get a flat tyre repaired. We also

  • Thoughts on Italy

    We've spent 29 days in Italy during February. We celebrated Carnivale in Venice, a housesit in Tuscany and feasted on Roman ruins in Rome and Pompeii. Below are some of our thoughts from this leg of

  • Annoyances

    Four of us in a six metre by two metre space...there's bound to be friction and things that we miss. As we hit the three month mark of our trip I've created a list of some of the things that bug me