Month: January 2018

  • Notes on Portugal

    We have now left Portugal, and will cross back into Spain and France on our way to Italy. Not sure heading north in winter is the best idea - it's already chilly. We were in Portugal for 13 days

  • How much did Spain cost?

    We spent 32 days in Spain. Our trip was more varied than France and we have more categories that we spent money in. We had issues with our van (leisure battery was flat and wouldn't recharge

  • Notes on Spain

    So we are now in country number three - Portugal. Although we will need to return to Spain and France as we move on to Italy it won't be for long. I thought I'd provide a summary of our Spanish

  • Roadschool vs unschooling

    When we decided on this adventure I assumed that we would homeschool (or roadschool) the children. I figured we have a morning of ‘learning’ every day before we left the van and headed out to