Month: December 2017

  • Reflection – it’s not what I expected

    What did I expect? That it may "leave me speechless and make me a storyteller"? I don’t feel like I've found myself and not sure I will with a family in tow. It's a month since we left to start

  • Top tips from the first two weeks

    So we have now passed the 20th day in our van. We've previously only spent 14 days in the van so it feels like a milestone. What have we learnt? What did we forget from previous trips? I've made a

  • Summary and finances for France

    So we've crossed the border into our 3rd country. We're now in Spain and have left France behind. My thoughts on France? Well, we were only there for 8 days and drove 1173 miles so I can't really

  • Aires

    I've mentioned Aires quite regularly both on this blog and on Facebook. I talk about them assuming that everyone knows what they are. It surprises me when people ask I it's a typo...although this