Our normal gas set up – for cooking and fridge – was 2 calor gas bottles. We had one 7kg plugged into the system and when that ran out we’d plug in the spare. Swopped the empty one for a full one and there you go. The system worked.

However…each country in Europe has their own bottles so this system would not work for our traveling as we are planning to drive across many different countries. The solution?

After some internet research I discovered refillable lpg bottles. Further research highlighted several options (including underslung tanks…unfortunately there is not enough space on our model of van). Tinley Tech had a competitive price and were very patient explaining what bits I needed and what I didn’t in their fitting kits – they also provided super quick delivery which was good as I left it very late with only 14 days to order and fit!

The bottle is 13 litres (so almost as much as our 2 Calor bottles) and fits into our existing gas box with an external filling cap (some places in Europe don’t like you to fill bottles on the forecourt apparently). All fitted and hooked up to our system I set off to fill it.

Found a garage that sells lpg (scarce in our neck of the woods). Located one via Google (how did anything get done before the internet?), gave them a call to check and set off.

The UK fitting is a bayonet style. So you push the lpg pump on and twist 60 degrees (like a lightbulb), then press the pump and fill! A full bottle cost £7.

In Europe countries have different fittings for their pumps (couldn’t be that straightforward!), so I’ve bought 3 adapters that should cover all of Europe. I’m hoping the table below will make sense once I’m there!

Only one way to test how these work…lets get going!