Month: November 2017

  • Eurotunnel

    We decided to cross to Europe using the Eurotunnel. I think it deserves a blog post as I found it so exciting! The main reason the train was chosen was because I get bad sea sick and the last

  • And we’re off

    After a long time prepping (more on that in another blog post) we are finally heading off! I thought it might be handy to have a list of what we've taken...I wonder what we'll never use!! (I thought

  • LPG refillable bottle

    Our normal gas set up - for cooking and fridge - was 2 calor gas bottles. We had one 7kg plugged into the system and when that ran out we'd plug in the spare. Swopped the empty one for a full one and

  • Long term travel

    Having never undertaken a gap year (the longest holiday I've been on was 6 weeks when I was a kid) I am not sure what to expect from long term travel (especially with kids in tow). Will we feel

  • Surprise

    I’ve written before about how I’m not bothered about leaving friends and family for 6 months. I’ve also mentioned about how I feel liberated at the prospect of thinning out our

  • Waste

    Now that work has finished - what a strange feeling! - the preparation starts in earnest. The kids are still at school so I have hours to clear the house, buy insurance and complete DIY jobs before