I have found out that homeschooling whilst traveling actually has an official name! Roadschooling! I have found some fantastic and inspirational blogs and am getting very excited about the learning opportunities that our children will get whilst we are off travelling.

Although I completed a Primary PGCE, (admittedly 10 years ago!) I am worried about educating my children. Why? I don’t really know…is it because society is set up to send children away to adults who are better qualified to teach? Is it because children ‘should’ be taught with 30+ of their peers?

I’m trying to get a handle on what educational philosophy to bring with us. It’s early on in my research and I don’t have any clue yet! I’m procrastinating by wondering when society decided that parents were not good enough to educate their children. Don’t get me wrong, upon our return I’m planning on putting the children back into school (well at the moment!).

I have friends who are homeschooling already and they’ve given me some great online resources (ain’t the internet great?). They’ve also advised me to relax, they’ve found their children (who previously attended school) naturally want to learn; they get bored playing on the computer and watching tv day after day (although initially this was a dream for them!).

I’m excited to get our school on the road.