Month: October 2017

  • Route until the 4th January

    When I tell people that we are off traveling Europe the often ask two questions. “When are you leaving” and “Where’s your first stop”. To which I reply 30th November and Calais. But this

  • Minimising

    Whilst we travel we are renting our house out. I would love to use this money as income to fund our travels but, unfortunately, it will only cover our mortgage costs. This is great though as our

  • Preparing to leave – emotional trauma

    I’ve been planning this trip for A LONG TIME. Before I was planning it, I was thinking about doing it. “One day we’ll take the kids traveling” or “The kids won’t stop me traveling” etc

  • House sits

    We have a really small budget for our trip (as mentioned in a previous post) of £52 per day. For 6 months traveling this means a cost of approx £9360. It soon adds up! I think our biggest expenses

  • Roadschooling

    I have found out that homeschooling whilst traveling actually has an official name! Roadschooling! I have found some fantastic and inspirational blogs and am getting very excited about the learning

  • Sh*t just got real

    I know I started this blog a while ago and mentioned that we were going traveling but for some reason it still felt like a "in the future" thing. Now that hubby is on board; I've quit my job, we've