It has been a while…I got a bit disheartened writing this blog as we had so many issues. I shall try to arrange the photos in date order – but the time span may be a bit off!

We had leaking windows. We spent a lot of money buying new window seals and spent a weekend removing the old windows and putting in the new with the help of a neighbour. P1040357          P1040358

We discovered rust…in some places it was so bad that the whole “lip” that the window seal was sitting on just disintigrated. We had to build the sill up with fibreglass.



We completed four windows over the weekend and were happy with the result.

Then it rained…really hard…and ALL the windows still leaked. I could have cried. We sought professional help from Phoenix Windows (based in Exeter). They were fantastic – really helpful. To get all 6 window seals replaces and refitted cost us the same as the 4 seals we have bought previously, and they came to our house…in the middle of the week…which meant that our weekend was free to build the van some more!

The windows are all fitted and sealed (with a whole tube of sealant per window!). Apparently we had not used the correct sealant (and not nearly enough of it)…but whoever originally cut the holes out of the van did not do a very good job.

We still have one leak (noticed in May), we called Phoenix windows and they are happy to take a look and shove some more sealant in. We are optimistic that this will stop the leak (???)