Dad came over from Spain to help with the van. He certainly gave hubby lots of moral support. P1040525

Hubby has been busy doing lots of panelling and working out how the window sills will fit in (he decided on 3mm ply on the straight bits and flexible board around the curve on the sliding door).

P1040518    P1040528

He had to strengthen the ply around the windows as it flexed quite a lot. He used something very sticky and short pieces of batten!

P1040526    P1040527 

We ordered some lights for the ceiling so hubby has put these in too – they are not wired up yet but we couldn’t resist getting them in!

P1040529  P1040519

He had to use this tool to cut the hole (you can adjust it to fit whatever hole you need. Hubby LOVES this! It looks like some method of torture to me!P1040362