Lots of wires – on the back of the control panel

I do not understand this aspect of the build – if you have any questions I will ask hubby….here are some photos!

The control panel and a light switch. I thought I was buying a zig panel from eBay – it turns out I had not…but this works for us and as far as I can tell it just means we need to have a switch relay to charge the leisure battery off the alternator.

We bought a 70 litre fresh water tank. I had hoped to have it slung under the van to allow us the most amount of storage space (especially with 4 of us using it!), but there just wasn’t room down there.


Hubby mounted it on a little frame half under the bed, it backs close to where our gas cupboard will be. He drilled all the outlet holes and jubilee clipped it all up to where the tap will be mounted in the work surface.


We got a Fiamma water pump (thanks Dad!), hubby has connected all that up…it makes a sound like it works when the tap is switched on but we haven’t tried it with water in the system yet. I think this pump is pretty strong – I don not think we will have any problems emptying the tank with this!

I still need to buy a filler cap and tube – this will be accessible via the back doors – we are not cutting a hole into the side of the van…at least not yet!