Hubby cut the plyboard to cover the roof. He found this more difficult than doing the floor. The cuts are trickier (i.e. around the sliding door mechanism) and the van narrows slightly towards the front so nothing is square – which causes issues!

I have treated the rust around the windows with the wax and red oxide. I have also started to insulate the wheel arches with double bubble foil…this was a harder job than I anticipated as it required a lot of manipulation which was tricky when the glue was still slippery…I shall continue on another day.

A very wet day has resulted in a bit of a disaster/realisation. Our window seals ALL leak (apart from the back doors) – some of them quite badly. We are working on the road – with no dry workshop to work in…which is good as we would not have noticed how bad the ingress was otherwise. Unfortunately this has resulted in me having to pull out all the rockwool insulation that I pushed into gaps as it has got wet.

Doing a search for solutions I have found out about a “creeping crack cure” that is meant to work miracles. A small amount applied will seek out any gaps in the seals. This has now been ordered and we are awaiting its arrival and some dry weather!

With the roof and the floor now ply lined it looks really good in the back of the van. Lights have been ordered so we can easily take down the ply roof to cut in the appropriate holes. After we’ve fixed the seals we’ll be fixing the walls…I cannot wait!