Month: March 2015

  • Weekend 6

    So, we got the creeping crack cure. Hubby applied has not worked. I think our seals are too badly damaged and leaky. This is really disappointing (although I am glad that we have found out

  • Weekend 5

    Hubby cut the plyboard to cover the roof. He found this more difficult than doing the floor. The cuts are trickier (i.e. around the sliding door mechanism) and the van narrows slightly towards the

  • Weekend 4

    Hubby has cut out the insulation panels for the ceiling. He has cut them into strips (25mm insulation board) and then used ply strips to attach them to the strengthening rod that run across the roof

  • Weekend 3

    We have laid the floor. Hubby made all the special cuts required for the ply boards (around the wheel arches etc. I covered these boards with double bubble foil insulation (2 layers of foil wrapped

  • Weekend 2

    All the mush has been cleared and I washed the van out with a jet washer (water got everywhere! I am glad I covered the seats with plastic). It looked much better.                Hubby spent